Friday, July 31, 2009

More Procrastination

Since I am not an angry anti-consumerist post teen anymore (although I must admit I still only own one pair of shoes and 18kg of possessions) I have decided that I enjoy the art of thrifting/op-shopping again and so have re-opened my old Etsy shop as a vintage items store.

Old/new shop here:

Enjoy the items.

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angela simione said...

for the past year or so i've been working hard on scaling back my possessions... it is HARD! but i'm feeling better and better and better as a result. i can make most of the stuff i need/want and i'm trying to just go ahead and DO that. but there's nothing like thrift and antique stores! love them! and love the new shop. can't wait to see it full of lovely items for me to droll over.