Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi! I'm slowly easing into getting back to work. This involves answering/deleting (actually "archiving", I never delete anything) many emails, drinking more than average American amounts of coffee, and of course, getting back into spending too much time enjoying the wonders of the internet. The latter has actually been a little more difficult than I anticipated, as sometime during those three weeks in the wilderness, I realised that there was more to life than just staring at a glowing rectangle and trying to earn money from the rectangle. I have taken up hobbies, utilising the time that I used to devote solely to the aforementioned rectangle. Knitting items for myself is just one of those hobbies. Currently I am knitting some lovely light pink mohair socks. I can't wait to wear them.

For those of you who cannot knit/have not yet experienced a life changing wilderness coming of age adventure, I give you a small collection of hand knitted socks that I have found on Etsy that you might like to buy. Or you can just look at them for handmade sock inspiration.

Heart Clog Socks. Yes those are little white hearts on the heels! So sweet! By by hand by Jean.
Lacy Red Socks. Also by by hand by Jean. She makes nice things.
Cabled Cotton Socks with recycled yarn. Pretty. By the Potty Knitter.
Ok, so these socks are hand knit using a knitting machine. But they are still super nice. (Springtime Anklet in blue and silver by Captain Crochet)


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yeh..i really need to get off the internet and actually do things myself