Thursday, September 30, 2010

We are Adventurers!

We are going on an adventure!!!!
Devon Smith and I are going to San Francisco for my art show (opening November 5th) next month.

We are arriving on the 27th of October, and we are looking for people to stay with who can show us around and have fun with us! (And even if you don't have space for us to stay and want to maybe make art with us and hang out that would be cool too!)

After San Francisco, we are heading up to Portland, so if you live in Portland or along the way and can host two happy artists (or, as I said before, want to hang out) , please send me an email too!

Any travel suggestions or tips for the West Coast?


linda said...

Oh darn, I'm a bit further north (in Seattle), otherwise I would totally do art stuff with you guys!

I'm not from SF or Portland, but have been to both places. In Portland, you must check out Powell's book store. And in SF, Farmer Brown restaurant is a pretty neat place to eat. Their sweet potato seasoned fries are YUM!

Oh, and if you're renting a car to drive from SF to Portland, take the 101 freeway. You drive along the coast and well, it's gorgeous. And all the little towns a long the way are pretty neat, too.

Have a great trip!

Jessica of Foxes Blog said...

have an amazing time! I absolutely love that illustration, so sweet — makes your trip look even more awesome!

I'll just go over here now and be jealous

Camila said...

That is one lovely poster. Looks like some intense photoboothing went on to get those arms right!

Unknown said...

so cute!

I love your work, minimal and poetic.

lina said...

how exciting! i found out about this show in sf a while ago (through your etsy??) & i've been planning on going since then! i live about 45 min. from sf.

i personally love the vegetarian restaurant herbivore. oh & you must go to the shops little otsu & the curiosity shoppe. & i just found out about the shop gravel & gold. looks neat!

i hope to meet you ladies, if i get the chance : )

p.s. love the poster!!

anja louise said...

I'm not sure if I'm going to be in town when you're here, but keep me posted! I've love to meet up for a bit and show you some good things. :)

Sarah McNeil said...

Thanks everybody!

darcy dubose said...

So jealous! Come to Texas!

Anonymous said...

I just spent quite a bit of time perusing your blog and illustrations on Flickr. AMAZING. Also, you are hilarious. I will be back.

I've added your blog to mah sidebar. If you feel inclined I'd love it if you stopped on over for a gander.

:) Have a nice trip!

jonahliza said...

lina had some of my fave shoppes listed... especially the curiosity one. oh, and i highly recommend tartine bakery... some of the most yummy pastry treats and bread ive had. amoebas music ( on haight st) is a mecca of music lovers..oh and a stop by one of the many cold beaches, which is one of my favorite parts about sf <3 love your work! hearts and hearts