Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kind of fantastic

Japanese Illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi. More on his flickr/blog/website.


Lucy said...

Hi Sarah! I discovered your site a while ago and bookmarked it and now I have re-discovered it and just wanted to say your work and your blog are both so lovely :)Are you really in Canada? or Australia? I am confused. :) Lucy x

Sarah McNeil said...

Hi Lucy,
Thanks for re-discovering me!
Right now I'm in Australia, (I got back about 6 weeks ago), but in a month or two I'm going to move to New Zealand. I like to move around a lot I guess.

Thanks for reminding me of your blog again too!

from Sarah

p.s. I got that Victoria Mason pencil shaving necklace the other day and I love it.

Erikita said...

oh, my, your drawings make me swoon.

hiki said...

wow these are such lovely illustrations! great colours and they just match the colour of your blog so perfectly!!! thanks for sharing these ;)

Nick Sung said...

he's awesome.

if you search around on his japanese blog, there's a demo of his that you can download; it's a great explanation of his process.

lovely blog! nice to meet yoU!

Mercedes said...

dear sarah, i finally managed to have links on my blog and i just wanted to tell you that ive linked you on it and that if you liked the idea i would be so very happy to appear in your links as well :)
just as you like
hope youre well
have fun!

Sarah McNeil said...

Hey Mercedes...
I'm just putting a link to Spazieromat on my blog now!

The Night Time Brothers said...

Love em love em love em!