Friday, September 11, 2009


Gemma started an excellent flickr group/blog called "What I Wore Today". Drawing what one wore, today. The group was started maybe 11 days ago and already there are so many drawings! Its great. I did one drawing for it a few days ago (below). The only problem for me is that I only change my clothes every 3 days or so, so what I wore to day is pretty much what I wore in the picture even though it was Wednesday (too much information?).

p.s what I look like in my drawing vs photograph below... is the pickle behind my back?


My heart asks pleasure said...

Oh, this project sounds like fun! And you really resemble yourself *haha*

maddy said...

this is lovely. i like your cardigan because i have one just like it and it's almost falling apart but i won't let it go. :)

Malachi Ward said...

That Jon Vermilyea shirt IS awesome.

Jane said...

i will participate indeed

Anonymous said...

wow your hair has grown so much! it's lovely! i love that you draw this pretty girl, but she's still not as pretty as you - most people when they draw themselves, draw themselves prettier than they really are!