Saturday, May 16, 2009

Super Excellent Fun Things in Montreal

Yesterday was such a super nice fun day. So what if I didn't get that much work done...
First, basement art show/music at a house in St Henri (two different kinds of homebrew beers, $1 each, plus what they call "Swampwater" for 50¢ from the changeover between the two kegs because they only had only one tap) didn't stay there for too long though, sometimes I can't deal with some people's interpretations of noise music. Speaking of homebrew, but a little off-topic to my blog post, if you are in Brooklyn next month you should check this out.

Anyway, took a train to the Plateaux to visit a highly recommended bar/cafe called Le Cagibi. Suitably impressed. They have a strange licensing rule there where you must buy a meal to drink beer there, so that was good because I was hungry, although I don't recommend the nachos unless you are extremely fond of cheese.

On the way home, came across an art exhibition opening at Galerie Push. So good. The artists who were exhibiting were Suzanne Dery and Justin Stephens (I couldn't find an image of my favourite piece at the show, but if you go and have a look, let it be known that my favourite one is Suzanne's green/boot/stars painting) Recently I haven't really been that impressed with the quality of work at a lot of art exhibitions (sometimes I think I am a little overly critical maybe) but the work at this show was really good quality and gave me that feeling that good/powerful art (subjectively I guess though) sometimes brings that everything is important.

When I was almost home there were people giving out handfuls of free chocolates as a promotion. Perfect. The End.

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