Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another little something that I am enthralled with... this super awesome hand drawn mega owl brooch from Birds of prey.
This particular one is pinned to my cardigan right now so you can't have it (I also have a bird brooch that is similar as well but it is a finch of sorts and not an owl) but you can get one for yourself from the Birds of Prey etsy shop, or from the Glaciers of Nice shop. Glaciers of nice also has some other super nice things like cd's, shirts, posters, zines and other miscellany.

Drawing so hard in preparation for upcoming shows. No scanner at the moment either but hopefuly soon I'll take some photo's of my new things for you to see.

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Leo Greenfield said...

The leaves are falling off the trees now over here, so perhaps the owls will have to find a new home. I watched the leaves fall while riding my bike today and thought of how much you would like this atmosphere. The need to get warm and share nice food. My latest post is the personification of this Fall weather; a girl in a cafe, in a fuzzy top. I couldn't have made this drawing without your influence or thinking of your. I thought of you this morning so it was so lovely to find a comment from you on my blog. I hope you are well and I have to tell you I met the Sartorialist last week.