Wednesday, September 4, 2013


More things made recently:

Slumber Party Zine Cover
Some of my pages from the Slumber Party zine

Slumber Party Zine
Work from all four of the Lamington Drive residency artists, made last month


Mini Pet Portraits
For a limited time, I am making mini pet portraits!

Mystery Studio Items Pack

Mystery Studio Package
A mystery package of drawings, sketches, paper, junk, supplies, stickers, jewelry, ??? from my studio.

Just finally finished watching all of Star Trek Next Generation... sad to finish it but at least there are a lot more other Star Treks to watch!

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lina said...

oh i love star trek the next generation. it is my favorite star trek series. i grew up watching that & mr. roger's neighborhood when i was little instead of cartoons while my mom folded laundry. good choice : )