Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be Here, Or Here

A book I made while I was doing the Lamington Drive residency in Melbourne. I got this stamper thing that you can put whatever letters you want in it to make words and so I used that to stamp all the words in the pages of the book (no photocopy!). Mostly it's about things that have happened while I have been camping.

Be Here or Here Cover

Pages from Be Here or Here

(here if you want a copy)

I had such a great time in Melbourne that I changed all my plans and decided to move back there. Time will tell if that was a good idea. Might still head over to Berlin for their summer though.

Have been listening to lots of new music... I sort of stopped listening to/looking for music that I liked while I was in NZ, so it is a good feeling to be getting back into it. It's nice to make more decisions about stuff like that.

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