Sunday, December 11, 2011


At the end of the week I am going on my long walk for a month. If you want anything from my shop, then please make your order before the 14th of December. If you put the word "GOODBYE" in the code part with your order I'll let you have 10% off also.


Johan Stenbeck said...

I love your drawings, i like to draw to. Someday in the future we should do a collab.
Keep the fresh stuff coming!:)

Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog said...

Hello! Are you back from your walk yet?

Sarah McNeil said...

Thanks Johan! Yeah, send me an email maybe we can be penpals.

To Fancy... Yup, just got back. I am so muscly and ridiculously tanned (despite so much sunscreen). Ready for 2012 and working hard!

Sarah McNeil said...

p.s. Fancy... thanks for the blog post of my work with so many pictures! :)