Thursday, May 19, 2011

comics news

I am excited about this.

Kramers Ergot #8: The Trailer from Dan Nadel on Vimeo.


Jonty Bell said...

Did you get Kramer's 7??? I was going to buy it but I was saving for my US trip at the time. Then I saw it in the states but it was too heavy to bring back. Now it's out of print and crazily overpriced on amazon. :(((((((

Sarah McNeil said...

No, it is too big for me, I like my books the kind of size that you can carry them around and read and lend etc. Probably really good reference for a design/advertising studio (can you make your work pay for the expensive copy from amazon?) but probably a bit of a burden in real life.

I am happy about this holdable size new one.