Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thinking about movies... (this took me ages to write for some reason)

(image from "Stranger than Paradise", via Bonjour Girl)

So lately I've been thinking a lot about movies I like, and trying to find new ones to watch that might be interesting (how do I learn about foreign language films that are good?), as I'm running low on "popular"/easily found movies that I haven't seen yet (also, after a recent Harmony Korine enthrallment, watching his old films over again, finally getting around to watching Ken Park, I have been left hoping that I can somehow find out where I watch Trash Humpers as soon as possible).

I used to really be into films and stuff, but as I started focusing on drawing and traveling that was pushed to the side. Not forgotten, but I stopped actively seeking out new films and going to film festivals and so on. I think maybe films and real life and culture and junk can really inform and be inspiring, so in regards to my art, to restrict myself to only look at and produce static, 2 dimensional images might not be the best idea. Not that I'm going to start making movies or anything anytime soon (although there is that play I've been working on for years...) but as inspiration I needs them.

Anyway, along the lines of inspirations etc, here's a list of some of some favourite movies that you might like to watch if you haven't seen them, and if you have any suggestions for anything I might like that would be great too!

Ok, so...

Cremaster Series (can't remember which one was my favourite. May have to have an art film/don't sleep until I find myself in a strange hypnotic zombie state weekend and re-watch)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ghost World
Groundhog Day
Let the Right One In
Logans Run
Lost in Translation
Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind
No Country for Old Men
Rear Window
Silent Running
Stranger than Paradise
Taxi Driver (yes, went through Di Niro phase)
The Life Aquatic
The Proposition
There Will Be Blood
THX 1138
Virgin Suicides
Wild Zero (although I haven't seen it in ages, so maybe I wouldn't like it now that I'm not a teen?)

and... ever though they are kind of silly "blockbuster" films, I really did like I am Legend and District 9. Maybe you should give them another chance?

I've left heaps of films that I like out as well, and I can never remember the names foreign language films I've seen, or of artists who I've seen their films at galleries. I really like that sort of abstract/noisy/fragmented art stuff too (well if it is good, not soooo keen on art films about loving your female body and rubbing yourself in paint and licking it off sort of way unless it's somehow amazing).

Eh... when I look at the list above it seems so plain and predictable. Hopefully at least one of these films is new to you.

from Sarah



all of lukas moodyson's films are enthralling - lilya 4ever, show me love (fucking amal), together (Tillsammans)

- V e r i t y K e n i g e r - said...

to name a few...

Departures (or Okuribito) will make you laugh and cry... maybe very loud like the woman who was in the cinema with me

the Carlos Saura film Cria Cuervos is very beautiful and has an amazing scene where the girls dance to the song 'porqué te vas' by Jeanette

a russian film called The Return

Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Medem)

Fanny and Alexander - Bergman (the 5 hour long TV version)

In the Mood For Love / 2046

Trust and other films by Hal Hartley

The Lives of Others...

ok, I will stop there! hope you get to watch and enjoy some Sarah

Charlie said...

You might like Claire Denis (Nenette and Boni, L'Intrus) and Leos Carax (Pola X, The Lovers on the Bridge), both French. I also guess you might like the Korean director Kim Ki-Duk. 3-Iron is one of my very favorites and from your list I figure you might like it too.

Also, for just plainly enjoyable films (at least to my mind) that you might not have seen, there's Saved!, Basquiat and The Five Obstructions. I try to think of others but I'm drawing a blank right now.

Other general favorites of mine, maybe of interest to you too, are Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, Shattered Glass, Dersu Uzala and Lacombe, Lucien. Those are mainly of the sad/touching variety.

Sarah McNeil said...

thanks guys! this is rather helpful!

Jane said...

ooh Ghost World and No Country for Old Men are my favourite

some of my favourite foreign movies are Right Now and Who Killed Bambi?

Katie said...

Such a great list!
Not a movie but if you like John Lurie and Jim Jarmusch you should for sure check out the tv series "Fishing with John". So good!