Friday, March 27, 2009

Life Drawing

Part two (of three) of blog post for today. Last night I went to the first exhibition opening that I have been to in ages. Called "Life Drawing" (name brings up kind of bad life drawing class connotations, but really it was everything but generic university working-on-an-easel-looking-at-boring-naked-people art), it was at Magic Pony's new art gallery space place, called Narwhal Art Projects.

My favourites were the pink bright sexy happy cats from Ginette Lapalme (in an excellent matching pink frame), (its the picture below, but imagine the frame around it please) and a big secret mushrooms painting by Melinda Josie. Other artists in the show included Howie Tsui, Lauchie Reid, Lee Hutzulak, Marc Bell, Michael Comeau, Selena Wong and Tara Azzopardi.

I suggest you go and have a look for yourself. More information (including how to get to the gallery etc) is here.

p.s The prices for all of the drawings are also rather affordable, so you should buy some because they are great. Or you could just buy me the above cats and we can call it even.

p.p.s I think I need to practice putting my thoughts into coherent sentences, everything alway read kind of disjointed like the way that I think, and I am always hoping that it makes sense to whomever you are.


Jane said...

you make perfect sense

Julia.K. said...

I wish I could see this in real life. How wonderful!