Sunday, March 1, 2009

And something lovely.

This is how I feel when I sit at my desk and tune out from everything:
Christian Davies

Wonderful mountain lands. I'm sure there is a warm breeze blowing there even if you are at the top and you can inhale the clean air and it smells like the lichen and rocks and clouds and a valley far away where they grow fruits and grains. This is the work of Christian Davies, whose paintings I recently came across. (If you would like to see more of his wonderful paintings, you can do that here.)

Arg. I wonder if I am somehow becoming more materialistic, I seem to be wanting for a lot of things if art can be defined as an item. Maybe its just the idea or feeling that I am wanting for. I hope that is it. Or maybe I am completely wrong in thinking that anti-materialist is the way to go. From my basic investigation into Buddhism (investigation, not actual acceptance of any kind of god or religion, so forgive me if this information is completely inaccurate), I read that this "Buddha" character tried to attain the spiritual apex first by starving himself almost to death, then realised that this was not the way to go, hence chubby happy Buddha that you have on your mantelpiece. So maybe I'm starving myself of material goods (well not really, I do "shop" on the odd occasion, but as I have said before, I only own one suitcase of possessions) and this is not helping me at all. Who knows.

Something entirely unrelated to Buddhism or art... (well perhaps not entirely unrelated, I'm not sure what Mr Davies does in his private time when not painting mysteriously inviting scenes) ...I love the house where I live so much! There was a party downstairs on Friday night which involved this massive multi-generational sing-a-long, complete with interpretive kitchen related instruments, guitar/piano dueling, and the most indoor cigarette smoking I have ever encountered in my life. It was so nice just to see people enjoying themselves and not caring (photos will probably emerge on facebook soon).

I only have a few episodes of "The Skeptics Guide to the Universe" podcast left. Why do I even listen to something that I know is bad for my imagination? (Constantly hearing there are no spirits and magic means that I can't draw them, no matter how hard I try). Ok, so the hosts of the show are really funny and I like to listen to the banter as I get on with my everyday work, but for the real stuff like art, blank blank blank idea destruction.

So many other things and happy nice things too, but I might just have write another blog entry tomorrow as well, must get back to whatever it is that I'm doing.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Buddha.. the think Buddha is supposed to be the last reincarnation, whilst the chubby smiley one is supposed to be the Next Buddha reincarnation. As in: he is reincarnated every two thousand years and looks different each time.

I think.