Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ahhh too much coffee

So when I woke up this morning, I had a little message in my inbox with a photo attached of a tattoo someone got done of one of my fox drawings. I guess its like the ultimate complement when someone wants to get a drawing that I've done on their body... forever. Pretty cool, and the white parts of the fox actually seemed to come out quite well. The girl who got the tattoo also asked me for permission before she got it too, so that was especially nice.

I think next time if anyone wants to get a tattoo of one of my drawings I would like to be a little more involved in the process though, by designing a piece specifically for someone, and maybe have a chat or something with the tattoo artist.

(Secret message to Androniki of Bhavani or whoever owns the original fox drawing that I did: "...hey that drawing you have is on someone now! from Sarah")

Lets see... oh man, got Mel Stringers "Cream Suck" zine in the mail this week. It's so good. It's for girls. Mel is one of the most amazing artists ever, I love her work so much. Inspiration. Apparently she is working on a new zine/comic at the moment so I will definately have an update when that happens.

I'm slowly taking better photo's of all my things, and as I usually like to have photos with my blog post, here are some of them...

Koala Brooch

Lovebird Brooch

P.S If you are from Toronto and know of anything that is interesting in the way of art or music, let me know. I must leave my house some more.


frl.zucker said...

i love love love mel stringer too! she's so great. where did you get the zine?

Anonymous said...

was there a photo of the tattoo?
it'd be lovely to see how it turned out.