Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zines and Sydney and Such

Ok, so I'm just at Sydney Airport now, hanging out for a while watching the planes and baggage trucks and things before heading into the city (I really love airports... usually I arrive in the mornings even when my flight is in late afternoon).

I'm here for the MCA zine fair, which is part of the Sydney Writers Festival, which also has some excellent events on (reminder to self, pick up some sort of pamphlet with events info). Also, I am here to go to seven Kraftwerk concerts. Because I can.

My friend Holly Leonardson came to visit in Hobart last weekend and we worked on a whole bunch of drawings for a new zine that I have just finished putting together in time for the zine fair this weekend. So, here it is:

TOYS cover

TOYS zine pages

We also did a lot more other activities like making quilts and cooking and museum time, it was so great to finally meet Holly in person, as we have been penpals for a while without ever meeting since I was living in New Zealand.

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