Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Shop

If you follow my twitter at all, you might remember a month or two ago when I was frantically knitting 12 pairs of mittens in one week for a special order (it was a good week, I also watched all of "My So-Called Life" and a bunch of other films while knitting).

The reason for all the knitting was that I had to send a whole bunch of mittens over to the Etsy Holiday Shop. I wish I was in New York so I could go and visit (also wish I was in New York so I could be in New York, but anyway...). If you are around that area, I suggest you go and have a look at the shop, there are lots of nice looking handmade presents, like the good parts of Etsy in real life. It is only going to run for a short time (November 29 - December 8), if you need any more info, then you can go here.

Meanwhile, I should get back to knitting a few more pairs of mittens and finishing of some drawings. There is way to much work to do at this time of year, at least the weather is getting a little warmer now!

Mittens for the Etsy Holiday Store
Each pair comes with a button/pin with my art on it as well. A very rushed photo... after I took this I ran out the door to the post office and got there 10 minutes before closing so I could get them to the holiday store from New Zealand in time!

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