Sunday, September 23, 2012


Recently I sent some of my knitted mittens to a shop in Japan named Tapiiri. Tapiiri is located in a forest (!) and they sell handmade items, stationery, and food.

Lovely photographs by Sayaka, the owner of Tapiiri.
The mittens I knit for the shop.
More information about Tapiiri can be found on their website and blog. Oooh also Tapiiri means tapir and I think I have to draw a tapir now because it reminded me that they are good.

In other Japan-related news, I went to a talk by Yuichiro Miura on Wednesday night. It was a very inspiring and motivational talk (especially because we went camping and hiking on the weekend and climbed a mountain on Friday). He discussed his past adventures, as well as his upcoming plans to climb Mt. Everest again next year (at the age of 80 years old). I might have previously blogged about his film "The Man Who Skied Down Everest"(perhaps on my tumblr blog) I recommend watching it.

Really got to get back into writing frequently on this blog again! I feel so rusty and my writing does not flow as well as it used to. Maybe this is from having too much coffee though, or because I've just come back from 4 days away in the wilderness again :)


beatrice said...

i don't understand anything of the Tapiiri website, but I love the small cute illustrations... and the idea of a shop in the forest is just lovely ^^

Dexion Racking said...

Photography is a nice hobby.