Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Apparently I follow 213 blogs. So I thought that maybe I would pick out a few (that you may or may not have heard of) and perhaps will enjoy. So, in alphabetical order, ten blogs which are interesting:

1. Dane Martin
Life and comics.

2. Delicate Diaries
Pretty things, soft fabrics, photography and thoughts .

3. Dreamcats
Dreamy photographs of cats.

4. I Want To Touch Your Face
Sort of like a secret art school diary. A great source of interesting images, thoughts, alcohol drinking, drugs taking and silliness. Please don't hold me responsible for what you may see if you click the link though!

5. Jack Hudson
He has sweet skills. Illustration and painting skills that is.

6. Misako Mimoko
The blog of Eva Monleon, a toy maker and artist.

7. Science Based Medicine
"Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine". Very important stuff. A bit dense at times, but useful things to know.

8. Slow Education (from Robert Sergel)
Just discovered this blog last weekend. Very well drawn and interesting comic strips, as well as fortnightly lists of interesting things which Robert has been into. The kind of blog that you read through until the beginning.

9. The Bride Striped Bare By Her Bachelor

Leo Greenfield takes photos of peoples outfits on the street and in cafes (with his mind) then draws them in washes of paint, pencil, and ink. He's got a show coming up this week in Melbourne... check the blog for more details on that.

10. This Never Happened to Pablo Picasso

Music, thoughts, images, political musings (Australian) and general bloggy goodness.

11. Too Much Too Young*
Lots of fantastic photography, fashion, music and art reviews.

*I was going to have a list of only 10 favourite blogs, but, I couldn't decide out of these 11 which to cut so they are all there!


illustration poetry said...

well thank you for sharing :))

Hannah Stephenson said...

Great recommendations!

Diane said...

Hey, thanks for including me! I feel completely honored since I love your blog, your illustrations and, uh, you.

Kay, creepster mode off now.

(Thanks for the other reads, too! I'm off to check these links outtt)