Sunday, May 9, 2010

Issue 2.

Is complete. I feel a bit better after that.

(28 pages, on lilac coloured paper)

I put it in my Etsy shop, but I suggest clicking this button instead:


cerebral e said...

Heehee. I had to come over from Google Reader to see what the button was to press! I am devastated by this sudden dive in interest rates due to the fat finger fiasco. It has curbed my online shopping for a while (two days).

Sarah McNeil said...

Oooh. Yeah, I look at all my favourite blogs in google reader too. Kind of makes all the effort people take making their blogs look nice go to waste, but it is so much easier. I have saved hours of my time.

What is this "fat finger fiasco" you speak of?

steph. said...

Oh, yay! I loved the first issue. I work in the Format Zine Shop (Adelaide), so if you'd like to send us some issues to stock, we'd love to have them!

Sarah McNeil said...

oh yes... sure thing! Oh I was going to ask you if I have sold all the zines I dropped off there last time I was in Adelaide? If so, email me I guess?

Camila said...

exciting! Can't wait to get it!

Juan Pez said...

oh! great! I love your illustrations :D