Monday, April 19, 2010

Colour and Self Indulgence.

At the moment I am interested in blocks of transparent colour. I don't know what for yet, but they seem like they will be vital for something.

I bought a scanner yesterday, so I will most likely be able to post more images on my blog/various other internet places again now. Feeling a bit more motivated than I have been (good news!), seems like gears beginning to turn again (do I always say that?) (yes).

Not to be weird and totally go back on what I said previously (although I am totally ok with that, everyone should be willing/able to change what they think or say at a moments notice depending on the information that is available to them) but I think having things (scanner, new cardigan, comic books made by nice girls) sometimes does help. I mean, I really liked the freedom of having nothing, and if I was to move countries again anytime soon, I would most definitely try to whittle my life down to one blue suitcase again, but... sometimes restricting what I have to the bare essentials means that I'm not so confident because I have to explain myself or something when people don't understand.

Oh, and... I went to this party thing on the weekend, and out of 50 guests, I was the only person who didn't eat meats. I could go on about this for hours, but I won't. last thing then I'll leave the house... I kind of started this blog as a business/art sort of thing. Promotion or whatever. I still sort of use it for that, but it is nice to be able to say/post what I think/like to people who appreciate it. Oftentimes in real life I say things and no-one hears them, only later they will come to the same conclusion by themselves. Or they are to overwhelmed by looking at how small I am (really!.. I don't think I'm that small) and saying I'm cute to even take seriously what I am trying to tell them. Not complaining, just saying I like having a blog for that, especially since I haven't made much art recently, where I can put what I'm trying to say into my title poems and you will know that I made it for you if you can put the fragments together and they spell out something for you.

Transparent colour blocks, doors, broken doors, small pieces of metal and paper. Lines and scratches. WORK!!!


kerri said...

i so much agree with you girl.

it's awesome to have less possessions than most others but sometimes it's nice to have a wee treat, eg- a thrifted dress, one off take away fair-trade latte, piece of art by an amazing girl that draws wolves and girls in boater hats that are kind of mind-blowing . .. love from a fellow non meat-eater in edinburgh x

Anonymous said...

ugh! i always thought NZ would be the land of vegetarians but apparently it's more like the land of hunters... I'm the only vegetarian at my work, which is a first for me, but not surprising since I work in the suburbs.

I find you quite intimidating when I see you, partly because you're comparatively quiet to/around me. and partly because I admire your work and your interesting ideas so much. So I like that you have a blog where you can state your case!

Devon said...

Just because you are cute/little (not that little) doesn't mean you can't be smart and insightful. People are easily distracted i guess. I wouldn't want to hang out with you all the time if you didn't have clever things to say. Also, you make good kumera chips, too...

angela simione said...

i'm glad you have a blog so that way over here on the other side of the world i can keep up with what you are doing. i very much appreciate what you have to say and i think you're doing wonderful things. :)