Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuart Richards

So I was meandering through the various darkened laneways of the internet this afternoon and came across Stuart Richards' amazing beetle sculptures. I really like beetles, which already gives them points, but I also love the way these are so realistic, but somehow manage to contain artistic expression, like they have been thought about for a long time, and cared for.

Stuart has a website and a shop (!).


Chrissy Lau said...

Wow these are beautiful! Just had a look in his shop and he has some lovely skulls too :-)

Stuart Richards said...

Hello Sarah,

Thank-you for your kind words and posting this news to your followers. Gaining a positive reaction to my work from somebody I haven't met or spoken too is always exciting. It’s fantastic that you can see that I love this insect so much. The British Stag Beetle is an amazing specimen and I never tire of studying its complex exoskeleton.
The flying stag beetle will be available soon and will be a sculpture that can be mounted to the wall. So keep posted.

Thanks again and have a good day.

All the best,