Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, hello there

If you can tell by the tiny picture, my Ghost Kitty print and Acorn Pouch were featured in the latest issue of Dujour Magazine. Yay! They are nice.

In other news... I am taking my last orders in my etsy shop on the 20th of June (in 2 days!) (after that I will be away for the next 2 months or so), so if you want anything from me, get in quick. Also, I suppose if you are a reader of my blog I can offer you, lets say, a 20% discount on anything until I close shop for the summer? Just mention it in the "message to seller" part.

Just made the best frozen yoghurt ever with green tea and berries and so many other tasty things. Also, what's the deal with yoghurt being spelled "yogourt" in Canada? Oh wait, just wikipediaed it.There is no deal. Ok. 


Ben Zen said...

You have such lovely work :)

Sarah McNeil said...

Oh, thankyou very much!