Friday, February 20, 2009

Week in review...

I keep on feeling like writing something but then I do and it seems kind of blank so I erase it. Been doing lots of things this week, extreme amounts of knitting, making new and pretty things, hopefully I will get some nice photos of my knitteds on the weekend.

REALLY have to take a break from all of my "work" soon and start making real art again, like before when drawing becomes this emotional and important feeling, not just a doing. I mean I still feel it now but there is always the thing in the back of my mind whispering "...hey Sarah, you know you have to get this done soon right? It is your work"

anyway, back to the long furry strings and clicky sticks I guess.

P.S. Also thankyou to everyone who noticed my feature in Frankie magazine this week and said nice things. It was super good to be in it and draw the poster too (see below, I showed a sneak of it a few weeks ago actually) although I was a little concerned that the title they used for my interview was "Pretty on the Inside", don't quite know what they were trying to say, but oh well!

The whole thing...


Anonymous said...

cute! I get back to Australia next month and can't wait to pick up the new frankie

Anonymous said...

yo sarah mcneil,
i am yet to find a drawing of yours i don't like.
they're all lovely.

how can i follow this blog!

Maddie M. said...

aw you cute me out so much. your like, in essence, my art idol. :]
where did you learn to develop such a unique style? so beautiful, i love everything you produce.
love love love,

Daydream Lily said...

yay I have the poster on my wall

jonathan said...

oh wow! this is craaazy good!

TheNewHeloise said...

I just wanted to let you know that your lovely illustrations convinced me to buy frankie this month.
I had become sadly disillusioned by the past couple of issues, but when I flicked through it at my newsagent today I was completely taken by your artwork.
So thanks! Your blog is lovely also. :)