Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hurrahs and such...

So, in between all the packing and the traveling and the snowflakes, I completely forgot to tell anyone that I was in an exhibition at Imp Gallery in Melbourne that opened on the 28th. It's still up, and all the art in the show is selling at a very affordable $150 a piece. (See the image above for details of the show). Also exhibiting a drawing in the exhibition is Andre Piguet, a great artist who I have met recently through various friends and associates.

Oh and I also must mention that I am also now selling some of my items in the online store/gallery thing "Little Paper Planes". They are good.

I can see a whole lot of snowflakes outside my window. I have to go outside soon and touch them plus also run my errands without getting too distracted. This may prove difficult.


Camilla said...

Dear Sarah- i've tagged you on my blog:
I hope life in Canada is treating you well!

Ben Perkins said...

Every time I go out to do errands I end up getting something other than what I came out for.