Sunday, September 7, 2008

Twelve Small Drawings

I made twelve small drawing this weekend. A small series called "The Gloved Handshake". The paper on them is cut from a pile of old envelopes I found a few days ago.


Bridget Farmer said...

hi there, i dreampt last night that someone was copying your little bird brooches. they had made lots of them and had lost mine and I was really angry and told her that i would tell you. so here i am telling you, even though it was only a dream!

by the way, how do you get a 'buy' thing from paypal onto your blog?

Sarah McNeil said...

dear bridget,
that was so unfair of her to copy me. i will go into dream land and nicely tell her to stop.

oh and if you go to the "merchant sercices" part on paypal then choose "make buy now buttons" or some similarly worded thing then you can make one. they are good.

from sarah