Sunday, February 16, 2014


After having such a great time in Melbourne for the Lamington Drive residency, I decided that instead of moving to a possibly dark and cold England place, it would be the right decision to move back here (at least for the summer!).

So far I've been living in a house with some friends, making a bunch of art, working on new plans, generally having a great time enjoying all the different art and food things here. Tim finished the long distance hikes he was on, and is also back here (with a new appreciation for the hot summer, he used to hate it but maybe hiking in the heat in the States and Spain left him nostalgic for it?). 

Some things I have worked on lately:
Poster for a zine launch by Ashley Ronning and I...

Plant Feelings
Blackberry Deer Print
Heh as you can see, first time trying out using a risograph machine :) Had so much fun!

I've worked on a few other things recently as well, just have to photograph them, so stay tuned for more updates in the next week or so (also moving houses this week! So many things)

From Sarah

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