Saturday, December 29, 2012

Start Small

I just realised that I haven't made a blog post on this blog yet about the book of drawings I made in November this year. Should probably do that before the year has gone...

Ok, well, I'm moving countries again at the beginning of next year, so I have been trying to consolidate all my art notes, ideas, thoughts on papers etc. I decided to make a neat little book titled "Start Small" (pt. 1, because I still have more notes that I need to compile) that I can carry with me to remember my ideas. I thought other people might like to look at them too, so I've made a limited amount of these books that are available (here) if you would like one.

Holding  Book

Start Small Pt. 1 Pages

Start Small Pt. 1 Pages

It feels really nice to have made and finished a book with my drawings in it. It really is the first book of drawings/art I have made, and I am so happy with it. I want to make more books now! :)

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