Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise Germans and Other Things

On Friday we made friends with a nice guy named David, who has been visiting Wellington for the past few weeks. At 2am in the morning, we decided it would be a good idea to all go camping on the weekend (it doesn't actually get all that cold in Wellington over the winter, usually it's about 10ÂșC, although summer is only a few degrees warmer than that.)

After walking for a few hours, we found a little secret hut to sleep in. We set up camp, building a fire in the river bed to sit around with wine and music and food. The next day we walked down along the river for a few km's (at the start of the year I was really afraid of river crossings, that I would get swept away, now they are fun) then walked up a mountain (technically not a mountain, apparently to be a mountain it has to be 1000m, the mt we walked up was only 700m, it was quite hard work nonetheless). So that we would make it to the bus on time (which ended up not arriving anyway!) I ran down a lot of the way (I don't usually run). Tim got me some good trail running/walking shoes for my birthday last year which I was happy to have while running downhill with a backpack on a slippery track!

The hut we stayed in, "Baine Iti". We didn't bring a camera, so I found this photo of the hut here.

It was really great to just even feel like a real person again for a weekend. For so long living here in New Zealand I really just felt like maybe there was something wrong with me that I haven't managed to make any good friends, I thought perhaps I am aggressive without realising it, perhaps expecting people to be friendly and honest was too much to expect. I don't know... managing to make a friend in real life was a good reminder that I actually exist, which sometimes I worry about.

Otherwise in my life, I've been reading a lot (Goodreads is my favourite thing at the moment!), a few months ago started vegan/strict vegetarian diet (I hesitate at saying vegan, as I think many of my motives are different than other people who don't eat animal things) which has made me feel a little happier, and have been doing a lot of knitting and writing and watching good films. I might try to get back to using this blog more than I do, but I kind of prefer tumblr more than here (my nice thing/personal blog here and my art/inspiration blog here) (also other ones but I'm not going to give you the links to those), so I may even import this blog to tumblr somehow and keep writing it over there.

I hope you have been having a good year so far,

From Sarah

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