Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today/yesterday have been the absolute best days ever... I started sewing my new (and first) quilt, finally got to eat a macaron for the first time, and I resolved my issues that I was having with someone recently without confronting them (confronting people about things is something I absolutely try to avoid at all costs, although I guess I can do it if I have to).

I really wish I could find the camera battery so I could take photos of my new projects... I'll have to look really hard in the next few days.

Other things...
Here are some really good Kickstarter projects you might be interested in:

I'm planning my trip to Sydney (in a few weeks) and I am excited. If you have suggestions of fun things I can do there from the 18th of August - 5th of September then please tell me!


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Hannah Percyowl said...

Yay! Macarons are yummy, so delicate.
I would like make a quilt, all with triangles that has space and this dreamy cloud fabric I found. But I don't have time atm.
Confronting people is stupid, and I get upset and cry. Did that last week, awesome fun.
I sure hope you find some camera batteries soon so you don't keep all the awesomeness to yourself. Have fun in Sydney :)