Friday, June 3, 2011

Some shows... (Portland and Berlin)

If you are in Portland (Oregon) or in Berlin, I have some things in some shows at the moment.


In Berlin there is a cool group show called "The Wunderkabinet/Reading Raum 3", featuring zines and small objects. I didn't realise it, but the show is at Etsy Labs, which is nice. More details about that show here:

In Portland, I have sent a whole lot of drawings and prints for a show at Lille Boutique. It opens on Friday the 3rd of June (a.k.a. TOMORROW, 6-9pm) if you would like to go to the opening. I think there will also be a launch of some fancy lingerie there then too. The address is: 1007 E Burnside, Portland, Oregon.

Hope you can make it to the shows if you live in either of those places :)


My zines on display at The Wunderkabinet.

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lina said...

how long will the show in portland be up? i am planning a trip there this summer : )