Thursday, May 26, 2011

Watch this ok


Kathryn said...

So true.

rebecca artemisa said...

i like this video very much, thank you.

Sharks Keep Moving said...

LOVE this, thanks for sharing it.

Hannah Percyowl said...

What a champ.
I broke up with my last bf because he believed women had 'jobs'.
I also hate that 'don't hate me because I'm beautiful' song. Ugh!
What an inspiration to all the 12yo singing that. Yes, value your looks, and nothing else.

Thanks for your link.

Leo Greenfield said...

This video is great!! Thank you

Samantha Rose said...

I bought Full Frontal Feminism because of this video. I would consider myself a feminist by definition, but I don't necessarily believe everything in the book. Sometimes I feel like some feminist values are set in place by men, like they don't really improve the situation that women are in. Like living with a man without being married. It doesn't really help a woman does it? There are gender differences, and because of the society we live in (well, I live in Los Angeles). I always feel like a woman has so much more to lose by not setting standards and expecting a certain sense of commitment from a man.

Sarah McNeil said...

Samantha, I get maybe what you are trying to say but I don't think I agree with you...

From what I can gather, if you are married to someone, generally, you have to pay tax on your combined income. There is still a gender gap in wages in our society, so that means that women lose out.

Also, marriage does not in any way mean commitment. It's just a piece of paper. If they really want to be with you, they will stay, and the same goes for you with them. Paper makes no difference.

"Sanctity of Marriage" or whatever you want to call it is an old fashioned ideal, and very oppressive. Also there is no god so there's no point if you are doing it for him.

There are gender differences, I'm no arguing about that, but these differences do not mean that one gender is or should be better than the other, or one more suited to certain kinds or work. There are a lot of differences within genders and beyond the binary too. People are people and should be treated equally, their worth judged on their merit, not what they look like.

I don't know what you mean by feminist values being set by men... there is the steriotypical 'feminist' shown in tv and comedy written by men as the man-hater, but actual feminists have little to do with that image.

Finally, the only instances I think marriage should be ok is for same sex couples, because everyone deserves to have the right to do it, even if I think it is dumb (also this would help protect children, entitling a parent to more custody rights if there is a break-up or death of partner, not so dumb either) or as a way to get around immigration laws.

Samantha Rose said...

Almost a year later I'm finally responding. Well, I've still continued reading your blog since despite our differences in opinions. I can't really believe I wrote those things I wrote a year ago, because even if I was going through the motions and learning as much as I could about the movement, I really wasn't ready to accept that absolutely everything I had ever been taught at Sunday school, and private school, and at home was based on ideologies that just didn't make sense if you're looking at them through a purely logical way...there is so much negativity and hate surrounding feminism that can be attributed to the fact that so many people are fearful of it and how it shapes the society that we live in.

I wrote that last post a few months before I got married. I know that most feminists are against the institution of marriage, but I think I've an amazing exception to the rule. My husband is very progressive and has been a huge support. We're a team and even if a piece of paper doesn't exactly equal 'permanent' handcuffs forever. I never expected it to. I still don't. I can't pretend that I can foresee the future, but I've enjoyed being a team with him, and I hope to for as long as I can. Being a feminist means that I value myself to know that I'm not worthless without him, and to me that makes it an exceptionally strong relationship unmarred by fear and insecurity.

Whew. That was a lot, but thought you should know: thanks for posting the video. It certainly has led me down a very very surprising path.