Monday, February 14, 2011



For those of you who do not follow me on Twitter/other social networking site I am on, I would like to announce that I am currently having a sale in my etsy shop. I will be closing my shop in March while I concentrate on working on some new projects and art things. So I'm having a big sale on everything (from the 10th - 24th of February) before this happens.

I have listed lots of new things (also on sale), some brooches, and some things that will only be available for the duration of my sale.

From Sarah.


Leather & Lace said...

yay ill check it out! happy valentines day!

Amanda said...

Thanks for letting me know! Finally picked up a print of Trying to Be Happy that I've loved for so long. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

kim smith said...

just found your blog! (Twitter said i should follow you, haha!) and I love it. [:

beautiful illustrations.

and i think we ALL take silly photobooth pictures of us for drawing reference.

wendayfang said...

beautiful blog!!!
please check out mine :)