Thursday, January 6, 2011


Some things which have been happening over the holidays...

Drew this:
Guess what I just (finally) finished!

Looked after a nice cat.

Made a tumblr account. (Tim made one too)

Ate lots of food.

Watched movies.

More drawing.

Met nice people.

Pretty outfits.

Sunny days.

Other things.

More soon,

p.s. This is pretty.


My.Florentine said...

I love your drawings :)

gabrielle said...

i love this drawing :)

Holliemaree said...

this is just beautiful : ) I'm about to head to New Zealand (north island)(in 5 days!!) for two weeks, any suggestions on where the loveliest galleries and special spots are?

All the time in the world... said...

this is delightfully should draw you in one of the pretty outfits with one of the lovely peoples you met...

Louise said...

sounds pretty darn good! I love your drawing too.

Mel Stringer said...

Seriously considering sailing over to NZ with Ben Constantine to see NZ and have some sort of art show with you and Devon. :))))))

Tobias D. said...

Oh, my. I just love the kindness and details in your lines and figures. So sweet, so sweet. I wonder; do you sell pints or could one, like, order one? I saw on Flickr that you've done some before and I thought it would be so nice to have one.
Love from the cold and dark Sweden.

Katyha said...

your picture is perfection