Sunday, December 12, 2010

New. Pretty.

Some new things I have drawn, and new things in my shop.
Lavender Falcon and Pony Hair
"Lavender Falcon and Pony Hair" Limited edition giclee print.
New Years Eve and an Awkward Kiss


Lucy said...


Sarah McNeil said...

Still no brooches yet :(

I'm working on it though!!!

______________[pstrange] said...

Lavender is much more than pretty!!
I love her!

erin jane / atlantic treefox said...

i love the sticker idea!

Jacqueline Bos said...

LOVE the new print! She's so pretty :)

Camila said...

is that a galah? he's looking pretty dapper.

Hannah Percyowl said...

Love all of it. If I have some spare cash after I move (again!), I think I'll have to spend it on some pretty pictures.
Those stickers will be a great little extra purchase :D

(Tell me if you're selling the chinchilla/possum >.>)

evie said...

Love everything as usual but especially "New Years Eve and an awkward kiss", you've captured the birdy so perfectly.

Pokket said...

Eeep! So painfully cute!

info said...

I really like your drawings, very delicate and pretty, well done!

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