Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photos/Shop Update/News

...for anyone in Wellington who wants come to the Secret Drawing Club meeting tomorrow, it's at Mighty Mighty at 5:30pm. Everyone is invited, bring some pens, pencils and paper and we will draw things secretly. Email me/comment if you want any more info than that.

Just did a little bit of a shop update today with some things I made recently. Handmade notebooks, cards, and a new pair of mittens, plus a print which I found hidden away.
Another mittens picture


All the time in the world... said...

Hey Sarah, whats this secret drawing thingy at Mighty Mighty tomorrow night?...I have a test Friday but I think this will win over the test...(^.^).

Sarah McNeil said...

It's the first "official" sort of meeting. Basically we are going to do it one a month, meet up with whoever wants to.

We have a blog where people can post their drawings from the night ( , and eventually we will make a zine of the best drawings (perhaps half yearly).

Also, there will be a things where you you become a member of the club and get a membership pack but we haven't sorted that out yet.

Not sure exactly how long it's going on for, there is a gallery opening downstairs at 6, so maybe from 5:30 - 7:00?

Penny Lane said...

the last photo is way too sweet!!! I love it ^^

PL ♥