Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last night, in an effort to add to our cooking repertoires, Devon and I tried cheese making. Well, paneer. It's much easier than regular cheese, as it doesn't need to be fermented or anything, and all you need is milk and some lemon juice.
Making Paneer
Hand and Paneer
We only took photos at this stage (notice the gingham cheese cloth. Gingham makes things taste better) but after this then we added some salt and flattened it out into a container with a weight on top.

More info on how to make paneer (step by step instructions) HERE.

Next on the list, cottage cheese, yoghurt, real cheese. Tim's off for a little adventure next weekend, so that might be a good opportunity for trying to make real cheese then (when it'll only be me at home to care that there is warm milk sitting on the stovetop for a few days!)

I had better get back to work, my art show date is fast approaching!


lina said...

this is so neat! i really want to try to make some now. i love paneer usually, so i wonder if it will taste the same as when i normally eat it : )

Sarah McNeil said...

Yeah it worked out deliciously well. I ended up putting some lemon rind in mine as an experiment so it tastes a little cheese-cakey by itself, but with a little olive oil, tomato and chopped garlic on toast...

Natasha Natalie said...

I LOVE paneer! I should definitely try this sometime.

Camila said...

this looks so yum!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Thanks for this--I am a paneer fiend, will definitely try it!