Monday, August 16, 2010

Another List...

As it seemed that people rather enjoyed my list of blogs which are nice, I thought you might appreciate a list of podcasts which I enjoy listening to. I think I may have done a blog entry like this a while ago, but I'm thinking it was either a few years ago or it was a list I emailed to someone and didn't blog post about it.

So, (once again in alphabetical order) a list of interesting podcasts (available from iTunes or from the links I've provided):

1. Are We Alone
Podcast from SETI, funny little segments and jokes too.

2. Astronomy Cast
Awesome space news and discussion.

3. Naked Archeology
Along the same lines as "Naked Scientists" but archeology. Only once a month though which is annoying!

4. Naked Scientists
Weekly science news, easily understood. Questions and answers, and a "Kitchen Science" segment with experiments you can try.

5. Science in Action
"Where we science everyday"

6. Starstuff
More excellent space news. Also good to hear an Australian accent.

7. Stuff Mom Never Told YouTwice weekly girl talk on topics like the history of foot-binding, discussions on societal differences between genders, and whether or not to get married. I hope I explained that ok.

8. Stuff You Should Know
Twice weekly podcast, the presenters have the most amazing rapport, it's like listening to your most favourite best friends.

9. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
A weekly podcast with a lot of interesting ideas and discussions. A great way to get in touch with reality if you are (like me) inclined to get worried about things which are not real.

10. Useless Information Podcast
Kind of silly, anecdotes and stories which are interesting but of almost entirely no consequence.

They are pretty much all science related. I could recommend Radiolab and This American Life too but you probably already subscribe to those.


dear colleen said...

ooh this is great I really love podcast and play them more than music. I haven't heard of any of these maybe because I'm British so have got stuck in a rut with the BBC - which I highly recommend by the way BBC radio 4 make some amazing shows.

Wolf and Willow said...

ooh, great tips! I love learning stuff... any stuff! So much so that I taught myself to speak mandarin, thread an industrial overlocker, make vietnamese rice paper rolls and write html code... to name a few! and yes, i kinda believe in aliens AND unicorns. hehe x