Sunday, July 18, 2010


So maybe this is just revealing that I am secretly a teen girl who is trapped inside a 23 yr old who is trapped inside what seems to be a 14yr old, (that will make sense to people who know me, maybe not if we haven't ever met... honestly, I am probably 23) but I kind of really like sites like Polyvore and Etsy's treasury (did you know that anyone can make treasury sets now? Not just 300 per 24 hours or whatever like the old days).

Anyway, it is fun and good fun for a while if you are bored with the internet right now.
My day today. I showed Tim and said it was just a picture I found and he was worried that other people have had the exact same day as we did.


rebecca artemisa said...

i too am a teeny teen trapped inside a 23 year old's body. polyvore is one of my favorite gifts of the internet.

Leni said...

nice style !truly amazing :)