Sunday, July 11, 2010

Must... Keep... Blogging...

So much news and so on. Expect many posts here in the next few days.

Main news...

Exhibition with Amy Borrell at Gorker Gallery in Melbourne postponed until October this year. (Yay more time to work on it, but is coming dangerously close to my show at Rare Device in November, eek!). Two month adventure tour though! If you do happen to be in Melbourne or San Francisco and want to do art things during these times...

Auckland Craft Fair, so soon.

Mummy visiting before she goes on an adventure around the world for a year.

Lots of good movies.

New art prints/pretty things in the shop.

Exciting secret news.

Blue gingham gocco card
(New gocco printed gingham notecards I made)

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Daydream Lily said...

oo you and Amy having an exhibition, sounds exciting!!! I must go