Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jim Nutt

I first saw Jim Nutt's work when I was in Chicago and find it so interesting. Oddly contemporary looking too. The technique he uses in some of his paintings of applying acrylic paint to the back of plexiglass creates the flattest colour surface ever. Hypnotically flat.
"your so coarse (tish tish)" (etching on handmade paper, 1977) from here"Toot n' Toe" (acrylic and plexiglass, 1969) from here"Sally Slips Bye-Bye" (acrylic on Plexiglass, 1972) from here

p.s if you happen to live in Chicago, he's having his first exhibition in more than 10 years early 2011 at the MCA.

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Leo Greenfield said...

I can see why you enjoy these images. They really do feel very contemporary.