Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey you Wellington people

This Saturday Devon and I will be having a table at the Mighty Mighty Christmas market if you want to come. I've been busy today doing organising things for that, things like MAKING TOTE BAGS (finally). Well by making I mean sewing so far. Tonight I'll start drawing on them. Who knew it would take such a long time to sew a few canvas tote bags? The bags below that I've taken a photo of are some of the ones that Devon drew on yesterday while we were crafting. So pretty. 
We'll also have heaps of other things for sale such as brooches and art and prints and sweet treats and perhaps the best item of all, friendship. The friendship is free with sales or conversation.


Bam Bam Creative said...

awesome! Love 'em.

Are you going to put some on-line? As much as I would LOVE to come to Wellington, it's market madness here in Auckland too.

Hope you're settling on ok xx

Sarah McNeil said...

I might put some online (unless they all get sold on Saturday.)

Hope you have a good market season in Auckand. oh and also I just read on twitter you got good marks from school, yay!

now back to work!

Swonderful said...

or you could sell them at swonderful? oui? non?

Anonymous said...

That tote looks awsome! I wish I could go to the market!!

hellomylene said...

the tote is awesome! can i know how much will it cost to send to singapore? i think my bf will love it!