Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pictures and Facts

So... I was over in Adelaide a few weeks ago to visit Imogen (the one with the red panda above) and also to have a little zine launch with her and her boyfriend Nick (see zine pilings below).

It's a zine with many drawings of animals and facts about them.
If you would like one, then maybe email Nick about it. His email address is:


julia pott said...

I LOVE this drawing...will I be able to buy it anywhere online? I MUST have it.

Sarah McNeil said...

I made it as a special present for my friend when I went to stay with her... maybe I can make a print of it for you when I find a print place in New Zealand though if you would like?

julia pott said...

i would be over the moon! I would only want a very small one if that makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, love the drawing of imogen with red panda.
Say hi to Tim for me. Allen in Toronto.

thea said...

oooh exciting!!