Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nice Things for Presents, part 1

So I'm not really all that into buying/getting Christmas presents, but there are so many nice handmade things and artworks and around right now that I thought I would make a few different lists of possible Christmas present you could get for your friends and family, or ask them to get for you.
So, first list will be...

Part 1: Nice Things for Presents, under $10
If you are a kid (or maybe artist?) you might not have much money for gifts, so here are some ideas for nice presents to give that can be bought by people of modest income.
Porcelain Keys from Rare Device. $8 each
12 Colour Pencils from MUJI. $5.75
Tapir Tea Time notecard from APAK. $5

Tales from Greenfuzz #2 by Wil Sweeney from Alakazam. $7

National Waste #7 by Lief Goldberg at Ooga Booga. $8
Accordion socks from Happy Socks. $10


Diane said...

Cool and affordable gifts. This post is awesome.

I'll take the color pencils, little bear clips, Unlovable #4, the cupcake cups (omg these are super cool), and the accordion socks, please.

Bam Bam Creative said...

what cool stuff! hmmm, hard to decide, I love the little bear clips and the tote, actually, and the pencils.... heck, I'll just add it all to my Christmas list and let the family make the hard decisions.

Great post! xx

lushr said...

awesome! thankyou Sarah, i have been getting a bit stuck with the presents for friends... i love giving, but only if i can find the perfect gift!