Thursday, November 5, 2009


When I was in Montreal sometimes I would get quite sad and lonely, I guess it was such a different environment than I had been in before, having to survive on my own and trying to earn enough money to go on the roadtrip that was to follow was really stressful. 

When I felt a bit down I would go for walks to the Atwater market to smother my sorrows with punnetfuls of juicy Canadian raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Along the way there was a little antique store which had in it's window display the most beautiful creamer jug in the world. Every time I shuffled past, peering in the window, I'd imagine if it could be at all possible to fit the little cat jug in my bindle, to have it for when the time came that I finally had a real home where I could fill it with milk to have with my porridge and fruit in the morning. Of course it would be ridiculous to bring such a delicate item in a bag that was going to be slung into passing cars, hiked up mountains and hung 10 feet in the trees, but it was nice to imagine.

Anyway, I just happened to find out today that the company which made the creamer jug is called Lefton, and the particular design is "Miss Priss". I don't know if I will ever buy one, I'm still traveling at the moment (have to pick up my 18-20kgs next week again as I pack up from my parents place and head on my way, I hope my legs are still able to deal) and the story is more about the particular place and time, but it's good to know. The kitty face makes me happy.
Images from Zen Crafter on flickr, and other miscellaneous internet find.

p.s. inside the nice antique store there was also the softest real cat I have ever patted.

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