Friday, October 16, 2009

Hobart art art

So I've mostly been in hiding the last few months while living in Hobart. It's been fun, I never really got to be a fun happy kid at home, going straight from awkward angry confused teenager to awkward confused uni student to awkward and kind of slightly less confused self employed crafter/artist. Not that I'm really being a kid now, if anything if closer to "being a woman" than ever, but having a fairly extensive amount of time to get to know my parents without "you don't understand" or "it's MY life not yours" ever coming up in conversation has been excellent.

So I had my first non-family related activity in Tasmania this year (unless you count going to see Tapeman, in that case it's the second) yesterday, which was meeting up with Hobart based (but soon to be Melbourne based) artist and crafter Cat Rabbit...
Obligatory delicious fruity tea and cookies, followed by movies (finally saw Handmade Nation!) and drawing (see above). I love collaborating on art things with people, for some reason it always feels like what culminates is more like art or somethings. I think we have to hang out again.
...and we did a mini trade of brooches. Above is the one that Cat gave me (titled "Remarkable Kittens") for one of my knitted rabbits. I love it and I'm wearing it right now. 

Ah nuts, I have to work a lot this weekend, bye bye.

p.s. more of Cat's work HERE

p.p.s she sell's things HERE if you would like a similarly nice brooch or one of the other nice things Cat makes.


michelle said...

those brooches are pretty remarkable! i want!!

caitlin shearer said...

that brooch is really very charming!

p.s. im so glad we will be exhibiting at 'once upon' together. do you think you'll be visiting sydney for the opening?


Sarah McNeil said...

i never thought about it... you have given me an idea! (looking into flight costs now)