Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drawing Party

So I have been in Melbourne for the past two weeks, meeting up with old friends, making new friends, and generally having quite a wonderful/tiring time.

My first week was spent preparing for an immanent art show with Sean (at a gallery in L.A! Details to come in the next few weeks!). He flew over from Perth and we worked as hard as we could on the collaborative parts. Still heaps of work to do on that, but things are getting done slowly (below is one of the drawings that we worked on together)

During my stay I also met with one of the sweetest sweethearts of them all, Dawn Tan. We met up at Journal and enjoyed an afternoon of painting, chatting, and tea sipping. Below is one of the drawings we did together. I especially like the little trees.
My final artistic collaboration was with my excellent man friend Leo Greenfield. I stayed at his place for the second week of my trip, following him around like a little dog as he went to school. Apparently one of Leo's teachers asked another guy in his class why Leo had a small boy following him around for the week. And I thought I had become a woman. Oh well. Lots of great ideas, and had so much fun during fashion week as well. So fake and wonderful. (Leo got his picture on "Melbourne Street Fashion", cute cute cute!)

More soon,
from Sarah


michelle said...

these drawings are pretty epic

deciphertheday said...


You have a lovely blog here- lots of great drawings. Your sentence about the little boy made me chuckle!


Leo Greenfield said...

I miss you already Sarah! Thank you for the lovely recap of your stay, just lovely. I start work tomorrow at Cibi at 2, I'll be thinking of you.

julia pott said...

i love these

Dawn Tan said...

Haha. Aww. That was nice of you to mention me and our little drawing. It's hanging on my wall now : ) Love it to bits! Reminds me of our little friendship! I should send you something soon. Do email me your address! Hehe