Friday, August 21, 2009

Carrying things...

Canvas tote bags kind of rule.
Exhibit a) "Don't Let Go" by Julia Pott. A bear and a bushbaby being awesome, screenprinted in an edition of 200. And it's only $10. Here.
Exhibit b) Etsy Face-off tote. Also illustrated by Julia, also screenprinted. I just got this in the post two days ago and it is fairly awesome, way thick canvas. You can get it here (from Etsy Labs).
Exhibit c) "Blonde Prince" by Caitlin Shearer. Earlier this year Caitlin made some lovely hand drawn tote bags. I hope she makes more some time.
Exhibit d) Tabby tote. Ebay. Seriously, I kind of understand this and kind of don't. I've gone to far to like things ironically anymore. I think we all have. Are rocks with googly eyes "cool" now? Maybe this is an unfair comparison. Nice cat bag.

As you read this I am writing up another blog post, so hang around if you like.


Jane said...

i like them all indeed

julia pott said...

Oh thank you so much for writing about my bags lovely lady. I am honoured you are using one to carry your posessions around in.

Zoe Winters said...

Such awesome bags!

Oh, and you my dear are super! :)