Monday, June 8, 2009


(image from Keith Jones/

Yay for Toronto! I have been having so much fun here while I have been back this week for my show.

On Friday night I went to a really excellent art opening at a place called Hunter and Cook. They are a shop, a gallery, and a magazine. Super awesome inspiration.

The artist who's show the opening was for is called Keith Jones and I really love his work. The colours are so bright and fantastic, it's like Where's Wally (or Waldo for you from the Northern Hemisphere) but some crazy city that Wally would never go to hide in because he, the master of all hiding doesn't have the street smarts to get by in this city of litter everything/multicolour vomit buildings/faceless everybodies. Or whatever. I recommend you go to the show.

Oh man, also I went to this tiny farmers market this afternoon and bought some jellies made from berries and leaves foraged from the Canadian wilds. They were tasty.

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Mel Stringer said...

You are the sweetest heart, Sarah McNeil. xoxoxooxoxxo <3<3<3