Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tim and I stayed up all night and in the morning before it got light we walked around old Montreal taking photos and eating candy. I came home and did some drawing, had a sleep, drew some more. I hope that I'm working hard enough, and that I am working towards something rather than simply working.

I want to make conceptual art. I want to create great empty spaces in tiny places.

There are many stray cats in the area where I live.


The Storialist said...

That is one beautiful photo.

I know what you mean about wanting to make big spaces. That's definitely something that art does---makes a space that the viewer is invited into.

heather said...

ahh i am moving to montreal in september and i love seeing these photos and hearing about it. when i get there i will keep my eyes peeled for your art work. old montreal looks beautiful.

Jane said...

i have tagged you

Marisa Midori said...

I adore this photo! Sounds like a wonderful night/morning.